Project Management Approach to Running

May 18th 2020


Schedule: Phased Target, Medium Run

10 mins Zone 1-2 warmup

30 mins Zone 3

5 mins Zone 1-2 Cooldown



00:45:11, 7.55km, 150avg HR

A nice evening run not too warm. Did a warm up loop down to local park and several loops of the bottom park to stay steady as possible. Goal is to complete as much of the training as possible within the zones without stopping.

I need to weigh myself properly and do a body analysis (won't be pretty numbers) to ensure the training is dialled in properly.

May 17th 2020


Schedule: Phased Target, Interval Run

  1. 16 mins Zone 1-3 warmup
  2. 5 mins Zone 4-5
  3. 2 mins Zone 3
  4. 5 mins Zone 4-5
  5. 2 mins Zone 3
  6. 5 mins Zone 1-2 Cooldown



I didn't run as (A.) legs were tender from the restart and (B.) I was out cycling with the kids today. A picnic of pizza lunch in Dun Laoghaire and cycle back home.

Approx 12km with the kids and 18km overall for myself, nice and easy going. I had to clear the cobwebs from the bike to start with 🙁