There’s no getting away from the fact it’s that time of year when every second run is sure to be in a rain shower or through puddles. Shoes, socks and feet are going to get wet. That’s a fact!! The trick is getting the shoes dry for the next run.

There is tons of advice available online from a plethora of reputable sources; stuff them with paper, bung them under the radiator, oven dry (?!!?!)

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The best method we find is to dry them naturally. Let air and gravity be your friends and you will avoid some of the pitfalls of force drying or stuffing your shoes.

  • stinky smells – trapped moisture is breeding ground for bacteria who activate when your feet warm the shoes.
  • breakdown – just the same as leaving shoes in a hot car boot heat breaks down glues and shortens the life of your uppers.’s that time of year when every second run is sure to be in a rain shower or through puddles.CLICK TO TWEET

Our 8 steps for dry running shoes:

    1. Knock mud & dirt off them (outside!)
    2. Remove the sock liner or insole from the shoe – wipe dirt off and inspect base for grit or sand (these small granules can cause hotspots & blisters)
    3. Remove any visible water inside the shoe – into sink or drain
    4. Open laces and release shoe tongue to open the collar of the footwear.
    5. Position shoes on door handles – ideal use for a kitchen door or toilet door as air moves freely around rather than hanging the shoes on a shoe rack against the wall.
    6. Place sockliners on top – let them air dry and it means they don’t get separated from the shoes!!
    7. Place towel on floor under door!! There will be moisture draining from the shoes
    8. Leave over night.


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Wet shoes after #TrailTuesda? The best way to dry your shoes is a combination of drip and air drying. #AKWest #trailrunning #runningshoes

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That’s it!! The easy way to dry your shoes and avoid stressing fabrics or culturing a new breed of bacteria!!

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